PinPoint Locating Services, LLC was started as a welcome relief for contractors, commercial businesses, and the general public for all your private utility locating needs 15 years ago. Our currently hourly rate and a small trip charge depending on your location is the same price we have been charging for over 5 years. Even though things continue to increase in cost, we have been able to maintain our price structure for the past several years.

Our company focuses all our attention and resources to locating privately owned lines on your property. We can locate any type of customer owned electric, fiber, telephone, water and gas, just to name a few. We can also locate underground faults, irrigation controls, gaslights,dog fences, and most other customer owned underground facilities. 

Before you dig, excavate, demolish, move, or remodel, you are required by law to call for locates. You should not rely on your building plans, but should rely strictly on having private facilities marked for their accuracy. Remember digging blind can be an expensive and a dangerous venture, costing you potentially millions of dollars in property damage or personal injury.

Pinpoint Locating Service can locate all of your private lines for you. The Indiana Underground Utility Facilities Damage Prevention Act has been in effect since January 1, 1991. In short, the law requires that all persons excavating are to call at least two full working days in advance before any digging is to take place. It’s the Law!

For all your privately owned locating needs. please call Pinpoint Locating Service. We look forward to serving you in the future. Remember it is cheaper to locate than it is to repair damaged facilities.

PinPoint Locating Service is a quality and service oriented company that specializes in Underground Utility locating. We are privately owned established in 1997 offering the most complete and reliable services for underground utility locating for the private sectors.

Put us to work for you, and you’ll soon discover that no other company is more accurate, efficient and dependable as PinPoint.

Since our establishment PinPoint has grown to be a recognized provider of underground utility locating characterized by our commitment to excellence. We strive to perform our job with quality professionalism so our customer can proceed with their excavations or drilling on schedule.