What is private utility locating?

Private utility locating involves any underground structure not owned by a public utility. Examples include gas, electric, water, phone, cable and other utility lines past their meter.

Who uses private locators?

Anyone who is going to excavate needs to engage private utility locating. Businesses from a variety of industries trust our experience and expertise. We partner with a wide range of clients, including builders, surveyors, architects, engineers, plumbers, electricians, and building consultants. 

What kind of experience does PinPoint Locating Services have in utility locating?

Our company  has a combined 90 years of utility locating experience. We remain active in a variety of national safety organizations to bring the highest level of quality and expertise to our clients.

How does PinPoint Locating Services handle billing for their various services?

We offer a flat rate billing fee regardless of the equipment brought to any project to make it simple and cost-effective for our clients.

What should I do if I need to check for utility lines on my property?

First, before you dig call 811, and then if needed, call PinPoint Locating Services at 317.758.4645

Have another question?

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